Installing unfinished wood and finishing on site will give you a beautiful, smooth, brand new floor!

Installing unfinished wood
Staining an unfinished floor
The beautiful finished product!

A new site-finished floor involves unfinished hardwood being installed, then being finished "on site": wood is sanded down, stained and coated in your home.

Sanding of the entire area after install gives a flush, tabletop-like appearance to the floor, void of any bevels and gaps between the boards. This smooth look is highly desired by some!

On site staining lends itself to give the home owner more choice of stain colours than what your would get with a prefinished product. In addition, you have the ability to create a unique custom stain: "The Jones' Home Stain", for example! Intalling unfinished wood also allows multiple stain colours to be applied and artistic multi-coloured inlays are possible. It is easier to repair an on-site finished floor as opposed to a prefinished floor, as a damaged area can be sanded down and re-stained.

Features of a new site finished floor:
  • Floors have a sleek, even surface without grooves
  • Easy to clean as there are no gaps between the planks
  • Many stain colour options to choose from and custom stains are possible
  • A damaged area can be sanded down and re-stained, if desired

Unfinished Wood Samples

Get started today on your new, site finished hardwood floor! Choose your wood species from the collection below:

Unfinished Ash
Unfinished Beech
Unfinished American Cherry
Unfinished Hard Maple
Unfinished Hickory
Unfinished Red Oak
Unfinished Walnut
Unfinished White Oak