A natural product that adds beauty, warmth & character to any living space

Solid, prefinished hardwood as the name implies, is made from solid wood from a certain species of tree: a maple tree or an oak tree, for example.

As can be seen in the first photo, the tree growth rings running throughout the width of a plank clearly demonstrate the solid, natural nature of this product.

A great advantage to installing solid hardwood is that the wear layer can be sanded down and refinished numerous times, making it a durable and versatile flooring choice.

Solid prefinished wood is milled from solid lumber and made into 3/4" hardwood planks. It is stained and finished in a factory where many top coats are usually applied, making the surface harder and more durable than that of a site-finished floor.

Choose your wood species for your new solid hardwood floor from our collection of wood samples!

Wood Samples
Engineered vs solid hardwood
Solid prefinished hardwood
Installing solid prefinished hardwood
Espresso maple hardwood floors
Brazilian oak hardwood floors

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