Refinishing old hardwood? Seeking a change in stain colour? Apex will take care of all your hardwood refinishing needs: sanding, staining and coating so your floors will be like new again!

Refinishing hardwood: Testing stain colours
Refinishing hardwood: Sanding the floor down
The beautiful finished product!

For homeowners renovating or redecorating, refinishing your floors will give you a brand new look to your existing hardwood floors!

The hardwood refinishing process is as follows:
  • Baseboards are removed and the entire floor surface is sanded down
  • You choose your stain colour: many options are available and custom stains are possible
  • The floor is carefully stained
  • Finishing top coats are applied to harden and protect the surface
  • Baseboards are put back
  • Refinished floors have a sleek, even surface without the bevelled edges that you see in a pre-finished floor.

Your old floors will be like new again!

Advantages to refinishing:
  • Avoid messy, time consuming tear out & disposal of existing wood
  • More stain colour choices than prefinished & can mix custom stains
  • Relatively easy to repair as damaged area can be sanded down and re-stained
  • Can have fancy custom inlays
  • Refinished floors have a smooth, even surface