A versatile, natural product, engineered hardwood is a popular home owner choice!

Engineered hardwood, contrary to what its name implies, is made of real wood. However, as opposed to being a solid piece of lumber, it is composed of layers of wood - typically 5 - glued together in opposite directions under extreme pressure.

The layered nature of the product can be seen in the first photo. It's cross-grain, layered composition actually make it stronger than solid hardwood.

Engineered hardwood can be used in areas where solid hardwood can not. It can be floated over concrete floors and radiant heat making it a great choice for condo owners or for a home basement.

Get started on your new engineered floor today! Choose your wood samples from our Hardwood Collection page!

Hardwood Samples
Engineered vs solid hardwood
Engineered wood planks
Installing prefinished engineered hardwood
The beautiful finished product!

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